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Friday 20 April 2012


Two key points emerging from this season's fashions are ankle-cropped trousers and ankle-strapped sandals.  With cropped trousers, petites need to be careful about length, shape and fit to avoid appearing shorter.  I find this season's look - a skinny jean, just showing the ankle bone (and of  course the ankle strap) - is fine.

These high-heeled Givenchy sandals with ankle straps and one strap across the toes are amongst the star shoes of the season.  There is a good selection of similar sandals in the shops now at all price levels, from designer to "high-street" and I am yet to make a decision.  Some have more coverage at the front, which is better for toes that are not so pretty. 

There are also lots of flat ankle-strapped or ankle-cuffed sandals.  Topshop and Office Shoes have a great selection of flat strappy sandals.  I bought these from Office Shoes, as they didn't look too heavy on me.

Meanwhile, the April showers are persisting but I am being optimistic about the weather.  Over the weekend I am going to look for some skinny jeans in either white or a pastel colour.

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