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Friday 18 May 2012


Inspired by the beautiful lace dresses and separates included in Dolce and Gabbana collections over the seasons, I have built up my own collection of lace pieces. Lace is a feminine and flattering fabric for everybody but its delicate and fragile nature is marvellous for petite women.

My lace collection includes black dresses and tops, a black pencil skirt, and a cream top and now my latest addition, this rose pink lace top from H&M Divided.

I will wear these pieces in different ways with different accessories, often influenced by new designer collections and trends.

Talking of new collections, Karl Lagerfeld presented his Chanel Cruise Collection 2013 at Versailles on Monday.  His inspiration was Marie Antoinette and 18th century men.  Skirts were often short, above the knee but full, echoing the crinoline, necklines were feminine and reminiscent of the period with ornate choker necklaces and earrings.  Then there were the jackets and breeches based on male fashion of that era.  His models wore little bobbed wigs with a fringe, in different colours (black, blonde, pink, silvery, blue) on the crown and at the back a pony tail tied with a large bow at the nape of the neck, reflecting the 18th century men's hairstyle.  Makeup was pink (eyeshadow, blusher, lips, nails) and the finishing touch was a "patch" - a tiny, black interlocked "c's" Chanel logo, on the cheek below the eye.  Amazing!

I am busy now pulling out all my gold/pearl/crystal necklaces and earrings and delighted that I bought pink makeup for this season!  

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