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Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Despite the rain, on Monday evening I went into the park to the Private View of the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2012.  Every year, a different pavilion is constructed at the beginning of the summer and dismantled at the end of the season. This year it was designed by Swiss architects, Herzog & de Meuron and the artist, Ai Weiwei. The design involved digging five foot below the surface of the lawn, creating a sunken public space and revealing history of past pavilions.  

Twelve columns support the floating platform roof and inside the pavilion there are cork clad bench and stool type constructions to provide seating. During the summer, the pavilion will be a place where the public can sit, a venue for the Serpentine Gallery's Park Nights events and a shelter from the rain - a purpose it served on Monday night.

The rain didn't seem so bad under my new Topshop London Icon umbrella.  Still thrilled by last week's Jubilee events, which I enjoyed so much, I loved it immediately.  Little crowns, postage stamps, Union Jacks, Big Bens, Millennium Wheels, red post boxes and telephone kiosks are scattered all over a black background.  It really lifts my spirits in the rain! 

Topshop London Icon Umbrella
Detail of Print

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