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Friday 22 June 2012


Earlier this week, an exhibition spanning over five decades of Yoko Ono's work opened at the Serpentine Gallery.  The exhibits, which include films, photographs and installations, demonstrate her significance as a pioneer of conceptual art.

Viewers are invited to enter and explore AMAZE, a perspex maze.  There is a series of identical photographs, each representing different people and events in her life from her birth to an imaginary end.  CUT PIECE 1964 is a film in which Yoko sits, passive, vulnerable, allowing members of her audience to come one by one and gradually cut her clothes to pieces with a scissors.  She remakes CUT PIECE in 2003, now aged 70 and wearing an elegant long black dress.

I found the exhibit of footprints on a sheet of paper particularly poignant.  Yoko explains that she and John Lennon made these footprints together.  More recently she hung the piece vertically on a wall and realised that "We were walking to the sky".   

With thoughts of Yoko and John still in my mind, I was out looking at  t-shirts and vests.  Icon and band tops are key pieces this season in the "festival" look.  Dolce and Gabbana have some beautiful icon t-shirts but there are many to be found in the High Street shops.  I came upon this John Lennon vest at H&M.  With an image taken from a Goldblatt photograph and a Yoko Ono Lennon copyright inscription, this was somehow a rather special vest.

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