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Wednesday 29 August 2012


At the weekend, Chanel brought out their new Autumn makeup, Les Essentiels de Chanel,lovely collection of colours with violet-plum, pink, beige, grey, silver and gold.  I was especially interested in finding a lipstick or lipgloss and a gold or metallic eyeshadow. 

Caractère, no. 45 in the Rouge Coco lipstick range, is an unusual blend of brown, violet and plum.  In the Rouge Coco Shine range there are two new shades, no. 73, Chic (a beige) and no. 74, Parfait (a pink) both containing gold.  Then there is Lèvres Scintillantes lip gloss in no. 297, Sweet Beige (a beige with gold).  I chose Parfait, a very pretty pink, because I wanted a pale shade and I loved the sheer, shiny texture of Rouge Coco Shine.

I like Chanel's Ombre Essentielle mono eyeshadow in its little black, mirrored compact.  There are four new shades for the Autumn - no. 93, Complice (pink), no. 94, Eclairé (gold), no. 95, Furtif (grey) and no.97, Infini (silver).  Eclairé was just what I was looking for, a sparkly gold, in the season's opulent Baroque mood.  The photograph doesn't capture the full beauty of the colour.

I discovered an attractive but inexpensive range of costume jewellery, by Odile & Fleur, at Boots the Chemist.  I thought that this set of six pairs of earrings - studs and drops in carved old gold, crystal and pearl - suited the Baroque mood.  The crystals are a lovely orangey-peach colour.

It's hard to believe that it's almost September.  I shall be looking around now at the new Autumn clothes that are coming into the shops.

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Monday 20 August 2012


I have long been loyal to Chanel No. 5 but I was excited about the launch on Friday of Chanel's new fragrance,  COCO NOIR.  It joins the perfumes Coco and Coco Mademoiselle to form a trio.  Inspired by Venice and the glamour of black, which were both loved by the legendary Coco Chanel, it is a sensual and sophisticated scent.  It contains many lovely ingredients including rose and jasmine at the heart, grapefruit, bourbon vanilla and white musk frankincense.  I took home a sample to sniff on their little black and gold tester card (pictured below).  This rich scent, in its black bottle enhanced with gold, seems to reflect the Gothic darks and Baroque opulence of the Autumn fashion mood. 

Still inspired by Marion Cotillard's makeup on the cover of French Vogue (I wrote about it in my last post), I went to look at the new Autumn colours.  Yves Saint Laurent have brought out a new nail polish, La Laque Couture and I found exactly the rich red that I wanted - No. 32, Rouge Expressionniste.  Chanel's new colours are not out yet but I chose an eyeshadow from their existing range - Ombre Essentielle, in No. 45 Safari.  It's a Taupe with a shimmer and I think it's a good shade for my grey-blue eyes, combined with black kohl pencil or eyeliner


I am looking forward to seeing the new Chanel colours, Les Essentiels de Chanel, later this week.  I know they are bringing out two new pale lipsticks in the Rouge Coco Shine range - Chic and Parfait.  Also there will be a pale lip gloss in the Levres Scintillantes Gloss range - Sweet Beige. I'm looking for a pale lipstick or gloss to contrast with shimmering smokey eyes and dark nails. 

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Tuesday 7 August 2012


This is not a usual August in London.  This is the August of the 2012 Olympics and almost everybody has been affected somehow.  Most of us are proud, thrilled and captivated but perhaps some just feel inconvenienced.  Even when I walked down Sloane Street and looked at the designer shop windows, there was a luxurious reminder - Gucci and Roberto Cavalli had both dressed their windows in a sporting theme.  I'm wearing my black silky runner shorts. It will be an August to remember. 

It's hard to imagine that in a few weeks it will be September.  I tend to start a new season with some makeup and I'm looking forward to seeing the new Autumn colours and products as they arrive in the shops.  In the meantime, Marion Cotillard, the French actress and Dior muse, is on the front cover of August French Vogue with a great look for the new season.  Her blue eyes are intensified with a shimmering bronze eyeshadow and black eyeliner, her lips are pale pink and her prettily short and rounded nails are elegantly painted dark red.  That's a look I might emulate!

August - wearing Topshop silky running shorts and reading French Vogue.

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