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Wednesday 2 January 2013


It was grey and damp today in London but some are planning to sail away now to warmer, sunnier climes.  They may be looking for cruise wear.  

Back in May 2012, I wrote about the Chanel Cruise Collection 2013 in my post "Lace, Lagerfeld and Marie Antoinette".  Karl Lagerfeld drew his inspiration for the collection from Marie Antoinette and presented it in a very appropriate setting - Versailles.  Now the collection is available at the Chanel boutiques and beautifully displayed in their windows.  I took a couple of photographs in Sloane Street one evening.

The windows are dressed echoing the eighteenth century theme and the mannequins, like the models in the show, wear little bobbed wigs over low bow-tied ponytails and a tiny black Chanel logo as a patch just below the eye.

A contemporary take on the eighteenth century crinoline....

For the rest of us at home in London, it's jumpers and umbrellas! 

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