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Saturday 11 May 2013


If the April fashion buzz was all about Coachella and Festival Style, May started on a Punk note.  The mood of the May edition of French Vogue was Punk, preceding the Met Ball on May 6th at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.  This year, the theme of the annual gala event was Punk, to coincide with the opening of their "Punk: Chaos to Culture" exhibition.  Many stars attended dressed in clothes with a punk influence.  To see who was there and what they wore, just take a look at French Vogue's Red Carpet feature, "The Met Costume Institute Gala 2013" on their website, (http://bit.ly/Met_ball_gala_2013).

The shops are now full of punked up accessories.  Boots, shoes, bags, jewellery are spiked and studded.  I haven't stopped wearing my spike necklace from Accessorize that I wrote about back in February.  Here it is again.

Now I'm going to look at all those studded boots and sandals again.

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