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Tuesday 1 April 2014

YVES SAINT LAURENT - the new film

Of course I just had to see  "Yves Saint Laurent", the new film about the legendary designer, who sadly died in 2008.  This very stylish French film is a treat for the eyes of those who love fashion and beautiful clothes.

The film traces his life from his early success and fame as a fashion designer at Dior at the age of 21.  We see the opening of his own fashion house and his eventual venture into ready-to-wear.  

It shows his long relationship, both in business and romantically, with his partner, Pierre Bergé.  We also learn of Saint Laurent's neurotic personality, his depressions and breakdowns and his drug dependency.

French actors, Pierre Niney (Yves) and Guillaume Gallienne (Pierre) gave very convincing performances.  Gosh, Pierre  Niney looked so like Yves!

I left the cinema feeling rather sad, but I was glad that I saw the film.

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