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Monday, 19 May 2014


The trend this season is for flat, comfortable shoes. Fashion is talking trainers, flat sandals, pool sliders, espadrilles.........

Back in early April, in optimistic mood about the weather, I bought these Black Leather Footbed Sandals from Topshop.

Black Leather "Haven" Footbed Sandals from Topshop

Now that it's getting warm, it's time to paint my toe nails and wear my sandals.  There are so many lovely colours to choose from in my collection.  I could go for a subtle look with a brownish-pink, or think of desert sands and paint them in gleaming gold or bronze.  I think I'll begin by trying the mini bottle I was given of Essie's "Naughty Nautical" (266), a "brilliant blue green", like the ocean. 

Essie Nail Polish in Naughty Nautical (266)

Still in a nautical mood, I like Dior's "Captain" (750), red  

Dior's Captain (750) Nail Polish

and "Sailor" (700), deep blue,

Dior's Sailor (700) Nail Polish

both from Dior's "Transat" Makeup Collection for Summer 2014, inspired by smart Transatlantic cruises in the 1950's. The nail polish comes with a transparent sticker kit (shown in the photographs above) to add sailor stripes and a CD logo, if desired.  Just right, perhaps, with white leather pool slider sandals.

The "Transat" Makeup Collection echoes the theme of Dior's Cruise Collection 2015, recently presented in New York.  The collection was based on the idea of chic ladies travelling from Paris to New York on transatlantic liners.  Silhouettes were elegant and classic silk squares were used to create dresses or fluid tops. 


Saturday, 10 May 2014


During May, London stores, HARRODS and SELFRIDGES are offering shoppers exciting promotions and events.

At HARRODS, the theme is PRADA.  

On the 4th floor, there is an interesting and colourful exhibition, "PRADASPHERE". Delving into the PRADA archives, it presents the influences and inspirations behind their designs and a display of clothes, shoes and bags from past collections.

Downstairs on the ground floor, shop windows are devoted to this season's PRADA collection.

"PRADASPHERE" runs until 31st May.

Over to SELFRIDGES in Oxford Street, where they are presenting "THE BEAUTY PROJECT".  Shoppers are greeted with "Hello Beautiful" at the main front entrance!

It's a festival of beauty with various events, including debates. Beauty brands have been given the opportunity to present special displays and promotions.

DIOR has created "THE KINGDOM OF COLOURS" especially for "THE BEAUTY PROJECT".  

DIOR'S new "Transat" Summer Makeup Collection 2014 is now on display.  Taking it's theme from an elegant Transatlantic cruise, colours are red, deep blue and beige.

On the Yves Saint Laurent beauty counter, they too have launched "Bleus Lumière" their Summer 2014 makeup collection.  Again, it's in a maritime mood, inspired by the different shades of sea blues. 

For "THE BEAUTY PROJECT", they are "celebrating worldwide beauty" with their lipstick covered globe, below.

Those are just examples from two of my favourite brands. There's something for everybody here, whatever their age, style or concept of beauty.

"THE BEAUTY PROJECT" runs until 12th June.