I love the changing seasons and the new fashions that they bring.
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Tuesday 24 June 2014


It's Midsummer Day and time for a few new summer pieces from H&M.....

a dreamy sheer black cropped top with wide lace sleeves......... 

Black Cropped Top with wide lace sleeves from H&M

worn with a pendant on a long fine silver chain or a long multi-chain necklace made from three different style chains in a dark silvery metal as below...

Dark Silvery 3-Strand Chain Necklace from H&M

and a pair of black lace ballerinas.

Black Lace Ballerinas from H&M

I will wear these pieces with dark denim jeans (or denim shorts perhaps).  One of the season's large floppy black straw hats would be good with this look.

Basic t-shirts are always an essential and my new one is the right shape for this summer - cropped, wide, short wide sleeves with turn-ups.

Short Wide Black T-shirt from H&M

After my Mid-summer night dreams, it will be time to wake up and look at the new Pre-Fall collections and the summer sales.