I love the changing seasons and the new fashions that they bring.
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Thursday 14 January 2016


After an unusually mild November and December, the weather has now turned cold.  It's time to wrap up and wear a warm hat.  The great thing is that this season's fashion hit, the "must have" item, seems to be the faux-fur pom beanie. Here's my lovely new black one from Topshop.

In the mid-January chill, I am usually looking ahead to Spring fashion and makeup. Soon the new Spring makeup will appear on the beauty counters and designers will be presenting their Spring/Summer 2016 couture collections, but somehow, right now, I am very tempted by white faux-fur trimmed pieces at Topshop.  I love their denim jackets with white borg collars and linings and their tan suede lace-up ankle boots with a fold-down shearling collar. Could these be "Pre-Spring" pieces ideal to wear now and on into chilly early Spring?  I might be persuaded!!!