I love the changing seasons and the new fashions that they bring.
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Friday 22 July 2016


Shop windows, promotional emails and tweets - they're all inviting us to the summer sales and tempting us to spend our money. These are uncertain times for the economy and I am being cautious about how I spend my limited fashion/makeup budget. I keep reminding myself to focus on what I really, really want and need.

At the more expensive end of fashion, brands like The Kooples are making genuine reductions on their Spring/Summer collections, to make way for the new Autumn clothes. Speed is of the essence here.  If that piece that's been on your wishlist all season is on the sale rail in your size, it's likely to be snapped up at the first markdown.

High street and fast fashion shops are a different matter. With new stock coming in every week and ongoing mid-season reductions, the "really, really want pieces " are rarely in the sale right now. (You can be lucky!). 

At this time of the year, I'm wanting those desirable bikinis, swimsuits and sandals which are not usually reduced yet. I did get lucky. I had been interested in classic Birkenstock Black Madrid mules and I found a pair in my size at SOLE, reduced from the usual price of £22.95 to £15. These are single strap mules made in EVA, a light weight, waterproof material. Birkenstock sandals are designed to allow a natural rolling motion of the foot without restriction.

Black Birkenstock Madrid Mules

I always visit the Neal's Yard shops at sale time to buy one of their deliciously fragrant gift sets of bath/shower gel and body lotion. This time I opted for Rose & Geranium Shower Gel and Body Lotion (now half price at £7.50). Their larger Lavender gift set was also reduced from £20 to £10.

Neal's Yard Rose & Geranium Shower Gel and Body Lotion

A trap I have fallen into a few times in the past was buying pieces in the summer sales that appeared to be Autumn's incoming "must haves". Whilst those items were in the genre of the new trends, somehow the fabric, colour, length or shape were just not quite right for the season and I wished I'd saved my cash for the real thing.

But, I do have to mention that black, quilted bomber jacket that I bought last summer at Uniqlo, which has been a star piece in my wardrobe ever since! Uniqlo offer reductions all the year round, as well as in the current sale and their ultra light down jackets and knitwear are always a good idea. Right now, I'm hoping to see some reductions soon on extra fine Merino knitwear in dark colours.

That about wraps it up for me with the sales! The weather's warm and August will soon be here - time for some sea air and of course the August issue of French Vogue, featuring the Autumn/Winter collections!