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Friday 23 September 2016


In my last post, I wrote about new shades of makeup for a beautiful Autumnal look.  I always like to be able to suggest hypoallergenic alternatives for those of my readers who are allergic or sensitive to many brands of cosmetics.

Often, I mention NATorigin, an award-winning firm based in Banbury in Oxfordshire, who offer gentle products made from natural and, where possible, organic sources.  Their cosmetics and skincare range are made by Contapharm in France. 

Following on from my Autumn Makeup theme, the NATorigin range includes an excellent eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, lipstick and nail polish, all available in a good selection of colours. 

For this season, I would suggest:-

NATorigin Powder Eye Shadow in Golden (97) or Bronze (93), as below.  There is also Brown (89), which could work well with this look.  This is a soft and gentle eye shadow made with ultra-micronised shells of organic argan nuts from the Tree of Life and extracts of pomegranate.

Golden (97)

Bronze (93)

NATorigin Pencil Eye Liner in Brown 700) or Black (701) to outline the eyes and

NATorigin Lengthening Mascara in Brown (200) or Black (201) to lengthen, thicken and deepen the eyelashes.

Both of these products are very comfortable to wear and stay on well.

NATorigin  Lengthening Mascara and Pencil Eye Liner

NATorigin Lipstick is sheer and shiny with a soft and smooth texture.  Good colours for Autumn:

Fig (50 BIO) (Plummy Red)
Copper Rose (54 BIO) (Nude Brown)
Coral (51 BIO) (Brick Red)

Finally for Nails - NATorigin Nail Enamel in: 
Salvia 1407 (Bright Red)
Peony 1408 (Dark Red)
Free from the toxic ingredients contained in some brands of nail varnish, NATorigin Nail Enamel is easy to apply and stays on well.

To learn more about NATorigin and to view all their products and shades, please click on


You can order straight from their website and I have found their delivery service to be really good.

Recent News From NATorigin: Most of the NATorigin range of cosmetics and skincare products are now registered with The Vegan Society (with the exception of mascaras, pencil eye liners and lipsticks, which contain beeswax and lanolin).