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Wednesday 6 December 2017


In my last post, "Dark Florals for Autumn at H&M",  I wrote about my dark floral print blouse and mentioned that I would be looking for a little black skirt to wear with it.

I have now found the perfect little black skirt at H&M.  Made in black velvet, it is in a  "jeans style".  There are studded front pockets, 2 back pockets and belt loops at the waistline.

H&M Black Velvet Skirt

H&M Black Velvet Skirt, Back Pockets View

This is going to be such a very useful little skirt for all occasions, to wear with many different tops or just a plain black jumper.

I was even able to take advantage of one of H&M's promotional discounts.  It's worth joining the H&M Club too, earn points as you buy that lead to reward discounts.  All good stuff in current economic circumstances! 

Now I need the black suede boots!!!