I love the changing seasons and the new fashions that they bring.
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Friday 19 January 2018

Cold Weather Comforters

It's been cold, dark, dismal - it's January!  

In a strange way, I am rather enjoying it.  It gives me the excuse to indulge in those little cold weather comforts, like hot chocolate for example.  I really recommend sweet freedom CHOC SHOT Liquid Chocolate as a healthy option (low calorie, low fat, low saturates etc).

Then there is the pleasure of wearing lovely, soft, warm accessories. 

Topshop Black Suede Sock Boots, H&M Black Scarf & Faux Fur-trimmed Mittens

 In the photograph above:
  • soft, fine acrylic knit scarf with fringes, from the H&M Divided range;
  • black suede "Kash" sock boots trimmed with small studs from Topshop.  The suede is 100% leather and is beautifully soft;
  • black mittens in a soft wool and polyamide knit, prettily trimmed with faux fur pom-poms, from H&M.

Today, it's bright outside, even though it is still cold, so perhaps it's time to start thinking about Spring?  Exciting new make-up collections for the new season are out on display on the beauty counters and I am looking forward to the designers presenting their Spring/Summer 2018 haute-couture collections soon (always a good source of inspiration).