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Tuesday 31 July 2018


In my last post, "My Visit to the 2018 Allergy & Free From Show at London Olympia", I wrote about Dr Justine Hextall's excellent talk and her advice on skincare for sensitive skin.  She stressed the need for a gentle skincare regime, using only a gentle cleanser and the importance of finding the right moisturiser.

I totally agree with Dr Hextall.  Personally, although I have never thought of my skin as being particularly sensitive, I have experienced problems in the past with either harsh skincare products (stinging, dryness etc) or irritating cosmetics (itchiness, stinging eye makeup).  Also, although my skin is not oily, I have found that over oily/rich skincare products have caused spots.  At the time, my thoughts were simply that the product or brand wasn't good or certainly it just wasn't good for me! I always use a gentle cleanser and I've bought the same moisturiser for years because I really do think it's the right one for me.

At the show, La Roche-Posay, who presented the talk, were promoting their TOLERIANE ULTRA Daily Moisturiser for sensitive skin and I came away with a couple of small sample tubes to try.

La Roche-Posay say that TOLERIANE ULTRA Daily Moisturiser is "clinically proven to provide instant relief and longlasting comfort for sensitive skin" and "help reduce redness in 30 minutes". It is enriched with glycerin and shea butter. I decided to use one little tube now and save the other one for the winter, as I sometimes experience "redness" in cold temperatures and biting winds.

When I applied TOLERIANE ULTRA Daily Moisturiser to my face, it had a clean fresh feel and spread on smoothly.  Although it felt very soft and moisturising, it wasn't oily or over rich and left my skin feeling soft, moisturised and comfortable. I was only able to get 3 applications out of the small tube but my opinion is that it is a very pleasing moisturiser.  I would think that longer-term use would be beneficial and certainly worth a try for anyone with sensitive and/or dry skin.  

However, as always, I would recommend that if you suffer from known allergies or sensitivity to certain ingredients, you should always check that a product is suitable for you before use. 

TOLERIANE ULTRA Daily Moisturiser is available at BOOTS, where they currently have a special offer on it - £13.12 reduced from the normal price of £17.50.  

I will be updating this review in the winter, when I will try the moisturiser again to see how it copes with any redness. 

Update is now on January 2019 post, "Cold Weather Chic".

The product mentioned in this post was Not Gifted. Small sample tubes were available at the La Roche-Posay stand for all visitors to take.