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Friday 13 July 2018


GIFTED products from Promise, Genius and Natural Health Magazine: sponsored feature

On Saturday, I went to the ALLERGY & FREE FROM SHOW at  Olympia, the glass-domed exhibition hall in London.

The ALLERGY & FREE FROM SHOW also shared the hall with LOVE NATURAL LOVE YOU and the JUST V SHOW.   It was a wonderful event presenting food and drink, beauty and life-style products made from natural ingredients and/or free from certain things that people might wish to avoid.

My first stop was the BLOGGERS MEET-UP hosted by Robbyn Snow from the ALLERGY & FREE FROM SHOW and Vicki Leeland, from LOVE NATURAL LOVE YOU.   It was an opportunity to meet other bloggers and a few exhibitors who turned up with some samples of their products.  PROMISE GLUTEN FREE gave me a Super Seed Loaf (gluten free, low sugar, high fibre, wheat free, dairy free) and offered me a taster of their yummy Chocolate Chip Brioche Rolls. I also received a gluten free Baguette (frozen to bake in the oven) from GENIUS.  I have been enjoying eating both of these!  Then, Robbyn and Vicki gave us each a "NATURAL HEALTH" shopping bag, containing a copy of the August 2018 "NATURAL HEALTH MAGAZINE", the INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY AWARDS 2018 Supplement, a lovely selection of beauty and skincare products and a few food and drink samples.  As you can imagine, I will be trying out the beauty and skincare products during the summer, so keep posted for my reviews!

As always, the show offered a display of so many products - something for everyone I would say - but each year I usually focus on a theme. This time it was sensitive skin and suitable skincare.

I went to the Learning Theatre to listen to an excellent talk by Dr Justine Hextall, a Consultant Dermatologist, on "The Myths and Facts of Managing Sensitive & Allergy-Prone Skin".  The talk was presented by LA ROCHE-POSAY, known for skincare products designed for sensitive skin.  Dr Hextall explained the difference between skin that was just sensitive and irritated and conditions caused by actual allergies.  She emphasized the fact that the right skincare can reduce skin sensitivity and gave the following advice:
  • adopt a gentle skincare regime
  • avoid over-washing and over-scrubbing
  • avoid harsh cleansers, soaps and products containing alcohol
  • find the right moisturiser that suits your skin
  • products don't have to be expensive
  • use SPF 50 Sun Protection everyday
After the talk, I looked at the nearby LA ROCHE-POSAY stand, where they were promoting their TOLERIANE ULTRA, a daily moisturiser that they claim relieves sensitive skin and helps to reduce redness.  I took a couple of the small samples that were offered  to visitors and intend to test and review the moisturiser.  

Their range of products also includes a 50+SPF sunscreen for sensitive skin, ANTHELIOS XL ULTRA-LIGHT and a variety of cleansers.  I thought that TOLERIANE DERMA-CLEANSER, cleanser & make-up removal fluid for intolerant skin, sounded interesting.  LA ROCHE-POSAY skincare products are easily available at BOOTS, where currently they have some special sale prices on this brand.  Normal prices for these products are within  £12-£20 - not the cheapest on the market, but not the most expensive!

ELC Liverpool: 3-4 November 2018
SEC Glasgow: 2-3 March 2019