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Wednesday 25 September 2019


Now it's getting dark earlier, it's raining and it's beginning to feel like Autumn. 

Naturally, I've been busy looking at the season's new trends!  It's a real mixed bag of styles this time. Although there's 80's and Neon (especially at Saint Laurent), Punk and Rock Chick, there's the contrast of the "bourgeoise" look (like Hedi Slimane's collection for Celine), evocative of the classic side of the 70's and 80's.  This style includes ladylike blouses and shirts, knee length boots in soft leather or suede, tweeds, crocodile cross-body bags, loafers....... I liked the Miu Miu campaign (capes with hoods, feminine hairbands with little bows and pretty pearl drop earrings) and also "Édition Noire", a new collection from The Kooples,  Paris - iconic black basic pieces in "chic rock" style, (very much in tune with my own personal style).

So you can take your pick or "pick and mix".  By that I mean taking favourite little pieces from different styles and adding them to basics, to create a personalised look.

Let's start with my own "Édition Noire".  I needed a new pair of black jeans and I bought these Super Skinny High Waisted jeans from H&M's Divided range. 

H&M Divided Super Skinny High-Waisted Black Jeans
Made in super stretch denim (64% cotton, blended with polyester and elastane) they really fit well.  They have a zip fly and button and fake front pockets,
Front detail
real back pockets,
Back Pocket Detail

 and the legs are super-skinny.  They will definitely be a vital basic in my wardrobe.

In my last post on my new Autumn makeup:


I was thinking about a rose nail polish.  When I was in H&M, I saw their Rose Umber nail polish and it was just what I had in mind.  

H&M Nail Colour in Rose Umber

H&M offer a very good selection of colours at a very reasonable price - £3.99 for 8ml. I found it easy to apply and it stays on well too.

I buy most of my basic black pieces from H&M's Divided range.  This is partly because I find that their sizes 6 or XS usually fit me perfectly.  Being very petite, I find that their small size seems to be in proportion to my height as well.  Also their basic black pieces are usually just what I'm looking for style wise.  Now I will be looking at their tops - probably my next post!

No items mentioned above were gifted. 

Tuesday 3 September 2019


September is here and it's now time to think about Autumn.

I usually begin easing into Autumn with some new makeup, to set my mood for the season.  So it was off to the CHANEL beauty counter, to look at their beautiful new Autumn makeup collection, NOIR ET BLANC DE CHANEL.  As the name suggests, black and white shades are prominent for eyes and nails, teamed with bordeaux, dark berry and deep rose colours for lips.  The theme is a contrast of light and dark shades, sparkling and matte textures.  I thought this was a perfect look for the cloudy autumnal days and darker evenings ahead.  

As some of these new products are limited editions, it made sense to buy my favourites quickly.  I came home initially with two little boxes containing an eyeshadow and a lip gloss.  

Ombre Première Top Coat 317 Carte Blanche & Rouge Coco Gloss 816 Laque Noire

The eyeshadow, OMBRE PREMIÈRE TOP COAT in 317 Carte Blanche is white with sparkling silver and is irridescent and luminous.  It can simply be worn on it's own or over the darker eyeshadows in the collection. 

Ombre Première Top Coat 317 Carte Blanche 
The lip gloss, ROUGE COCO GLOSS in 816 Laque Noire looks black in the stick but when applied to the lips, it becomes a dark berry shade.  This is a very shiny gloss and has a moisturising and plumping effect on the lips.

Rouge Coco Gloss 816 Laque Noire

I then decided to go back and buy a lipstick in the collection - ROUGE ALLURE VELVET EXTRÊME in 128 Rose Nocturne, a lovely rich, deep rose shade.  This lipstick has a matte texture but is very soft and moisturising.

Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême 128 Rose Nocturne

To complete this look for eyes, CHANEL suggest their existing black eyeliner,  STYLO YEUX WATERPROOF LONG-LASTING EYELINER in 88 Noir Intense,  I already have this excellent eyeliner in my makeup bag and I find it glides on easily and stays put.  As part of this collection, there is a limited edition option of the eyeliner in white -  949 Blanc Graphique.  There is also a new black mascara, LE VOLUME ULTRA-NOIR DE CHANEL 90 Noir Intense, that gives a kohl effect.

An important feature of the collection is a transparent, shimmering gel, LE GEL PAILLETÉ, which is designed to add light to the face and parts of the body.  This is a lovely product but I actually find that I can use the silvery eyeshadow to add highlights and sparkle to my face.

Finally for nails, the two new limited edition colours in LE VERNIS are 713 Pure Black and 711 Pure White, which strikingly complete the look.

So my new makeup look for Autumn 2019 is going to be silvery shimmer and sparkle on my eyes (a little of this added perhaps as highlights on my face), black eyeliner and mascara and lips painted with dark berry gloss or matte rose lipstick.  I haven't made my mind up yet about nail varnish - I'm not sure about black or white for my hands.  Perhaps a rose colour or a dark wine or berry would be good?

I'm really looking forward to wearing my new makeup and creating a look of contrasts - light and dark, shine and matte.