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Wednesday 27 November 2019


I think that when I was young, I probably took my good sight for granted. Now I am very aware that sight is a precious gift to value and that we should look after our eyes. We are advised to go for routine eye tests, protect our eyes from the sun by wearing good sunglasses 😎and to be careful with our use of screens.💻📱. The last one is easier said than done when we have desk jobs or are bloggers!

Even those of us who are lucky enough to be born with good sight find that when we get to about 50, very small print begins to seem smaller and we are holding the newspaper or book a little further away!  Soon we are going to need reading glasses.

I don't need to wear glasses or contact lenses for long sight but I definitely need glasses for reading or close work.  Whilst there are lots of ready made reading glasses in the shops, (okay perhaps for the quick glance at print when out and about), it's advisable to go to the opticians for an eye test and get properly prescribed lenses that exactly suit our individual needs. Anyway, an optician can spot problems that may be developing in our eyes or even notice indications of other health problems as our eyes can be a mirror of our general health. 

It was time for my routine test and I had been aware recently that I was straining to read some small print etc, even with my glasses on.  So I went along to my opticians, Chatoo in Kensington.  They are excellent, well established opticians offering expertise in eye testing, glasses and contact lenses and carry a good selection of frames, including designer brands. A very thorough  test  revealed that the close sight in my right eye was a little worse and I needed a slightly higher prescription for just that eye.

Chatoos recommended thinner lenses which are not only lighter and more comfortable but look more attractive. They also advised an anti-reflective, scratch-resistant coating.  I thought it was well worth spending a bit extra for those benefits.

Now for new frames.  I'd kept the same very expensive designer frames for ages but they were really worn out now.  I was shown a range of attractive frames by a Danish brand called NIFTIES, especially designed for "fine facial features".  By this they meant slim, narrow or even petite faces.  "Nifty" means stylish and smart so the essence of their brand is "small and chic" - I like that concept!!! 😍

I chose these brown tortoiseshell effect frames below.

I liked the slightly cat eye shape, which gave a little lift to my face and the size seemed just right for my small proportions.

The sides look nice too - gold and tortoiseshell effects.  The glasses come with a nice NIFTIES hard, protective case.

I'm really happy with my new reading glasses and it's so much easier and more comfortable to work now!


Tuesday 12 November 2019


A faux fur, or teddy bear jacket, was a must have on my list of new pieces to buy for this Autumn/Winter, so I was very pleased with this black, faux fur, hooded jacket I found at Primark.

Black Faux Fur Jacket with a hood from Primark

I thought it was just right for me because it wasn't too long or bulky and the shoulders were not too big and overpowering.  It seemed to be in proportion to my size. It buttons up neatly and invisibly inside with large press stud buttons.

Now the first winter chill is beginning to hit us, this snuggly and hooded jacket is very inviting.  

Inspired by the very pretty Miu Miu collection for Autumn, I was also looking for some pearl and gold earrings.  At Accessorize, there was a very tempting "3 for the price of 2" offer on a selection of items.  I bought a pair of gold/pearl drop earrings, gold hoop earrings with little pearls and a fine gold/pearl chain necklace.  (These pieces are of course inexpensive costume jewellery and are faux gold and pearl!) 

Gold & Pearl Drop Earrings, Gold & Pearl Hoop Earrigs, Gold & Pearl Chain, all from Accessorize

Whilst at Accessorize, I also bought a pair of Uber Skinny Alice Hair Bands in Black and Tortoiseshell effect (sold as a pack of two) - another nod to the Miu Miu look!

Hairbands from Accessorize

Inspired by my favourite designers, I have been building my look for the season with inexpensive little pieces from the high street.

None of the items mentioned above were gifted.