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Saturday 22 February 2020


For the last year or two, I have enjoyed reading blogs by lovely ladies, Gail  www.isthismutton.com and Anna www.muttonstyle.com and by the lovely ladies that share their posts on their linkups.  These ladies are over 50 and write about fashion and beauty. They explode the myths and assumptions generated by the media (and some retailers too) about how women over 50 dress, how they like to dress and what they should and shouldn't wear.  These ladies wear what they want to wear, whether it's very trendy or more on the classic side.  It's all about personal style. 

For me personally, my only "rule" (whatever the age is, be it 16, 66 or older still) is to
look candidly in the mirror and ask one's self:
  • Does this suit me as I am NOW?
  • Does it suit my face and my body?
  • Does it suit my personality?
  • Does it suit my lifestyle
  • Is it chic?
Being small in both height and build (size 6), I normally wear neat pieces.  Colourwise, I do often like to wear black.  I also like new fashion and update my style to reflect new trends.  In recent years I have been inspired by designer brands like Saint Laurent and The Kooples.  Their collections include a lot of iconic basic black pieces, often with a "rock chic" touch but with a sophisticated look.  For everyday, my "uniform" has become an easy athleisure style.

I never thought too much about age but recently I've noticed certain changes to  my  face, body and hair - Petite Panache has finally come of age!!!  Does this mean that I need to change my style? No, but there are things that need some extra help or are better concealed and I am making some little adjustments. Also, I find that I want to "adorn" myself a little bit more with makeup and jewellery.

In a nod to greenness,  declutter and a tight budget, I have been buying less lately but I've started 2020 - a new decade - with just a little shop for some new everyday essentials:
  • An essential black nylon t-shirt bra from Primark's Secret Possession's range - silky at the front with transparent sides and back.

  • Black Swiss Embroidered High Leg Knickers from M&S Autograph collection.  I like their knickers because they are always comfortable (both the fit and the soft materials).  The silky cotton/polyamide blend and the transparent parts make them a good match with the bra.

  • Hoodies, always a key piece in an athleisure wardrobe, are extra trendy this season. This one, from the H&M Basics/Divided range, is made in a black cotton blend sweatshirt material. I like the cropped style, the hood with the wrapover front, the raglan sleeves and the soft, brushed warm fabric inside.  

Some other basic essentials:

In the photo above:
  • Black shoulder/crossbody bag in a polyester fabric with a sheen from H&M Divided.  It has two handy little zipped compartments at the front.
  • Black mock-croc wallet and essential touchscreen gloves, both from Primark.
  • My favourite perfume (ultra essential!) Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau De Parfum.  A blend of black coffee, white florals and vanilla, it really is addictive!  YSL describe it as a "glamrock fragrance"!
Gail recently published the results of her Is This Mutton Survey that she put to her readers.  One question she asked us was how we felt about having grey hair and  25% said that they were happy to be grey.  I colour my hair with a very gentle semi-permanent product that also acts as a conditioner. You can read about it on my page, "How To Do Chestnut Hair" (see the tab at the top of my blog).  I've certainly no plans to go grey at the moment or in the near future.

In the News! Sharon Osbourne has stopped dying her 100% white hair red and is now platinum blonde! 

None of these items were gifted