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Saturday 9 May 2020


Hi everyone, I hope you are safe and well.  Here in London we have been in lockdown for seven weeks.  Whilst it might have become a bit monotonous, I have been very glad and grateful to be safe in my own home and breathing!

Yes, as a fashion/beauty blogger, I have really missed those little pleasures like looking at the clothes in the shops, discovering new makeup colours and textures at the beauty counters, going to fashion and beauty events and often working on my blog in my favourite coffee shops but of course, as always, there is still a lot happening online.  I admit that the highlights of my life now seem to be things like eating nice food and watching "Killing Eve"! I find that television series so exciting with an edge of comedy and interesting fashionwise too.  Villanelle, is mad and murderous but cheekily comic - she's so beautiful and all those clothes she wears that go from ultra feminine to gender fluid!  Eve, has a sort of laid-back, casual, often untidy glamour.  Carolyn, Eve's MI6 boss, is impeccable in her smart, casual, classic pieces. I can just imagine her ordering her clothes on-line from Net-a-Porter whilst eating her "peanut butter sandwiches"!

I feel very sorry for the retail fashion business.  They had been through a tough time, what with austerity and the uncertainty of Brexit but as we began 2020, they must have been feeling more hopeful.  Bravely, they started to fill their shops with lovely new Spring pieces and then this happened and their shops were closed.  True, most of them have an online outlet (sadly not Primark) but I can't imagine that most people are buying many clothes at the moment.  

Back in February, before things got bad, I was looking at the new season's clothes.  I was getting very excited about puffed sleeves (yes, another of my nods to Miu Miu) and I began by buying this little black, long-sleeved top in a silky, crepe type knit from H&M's Divided range.  The puffed sleeves are not very exaggerated and it can be worn quite casually now in lockdown style.  I am still thinking about ordering online one of those beautiful summer blouses with big puffed sleeves.

Black puffed sleeve top from H&M
It looks as if some aspects of the lockdown might be eased a little soon but there's not likely to be an end to social distancing in the near future.  I don't visualise me personally doing much dressing up and clothes buying this season.  Somehow I think I will be looking back come Autumn and saying "Whatever happened to Spring 2020 Fashion?

Stay safe.

The puffed sleeved top shown above was NOT GIFTED.